"You are seriously the best marketer i have evet met"

“Just seeing how you think about campaigns, the assets you create, how you took the podcast and ran with it and took the strategy even further. 

Like you get it man. Such drive and initiative, and creativity. Super rare.

Neil Patel ain’t got shit on Peter Murphy Lewis”

Jake is a B2B Podcasting Expert and Founder of the industry-leading B2B Podcast Agency, Content Allies.  He has produced podcasts for companies such as Meta, Siemens Energy, Alibaba.com and many more. 



"When we began planning the Nebraska Assisted Living Association Innovation Summit, we were looking for fresh ways to highlight the long-term care heroes of our state.
Through the LTC Heroe podcast, Peter Murphy Lewis showcased Nebraska Long-Term care leaders, their motivation, their inspiration, and their outlook for the future of long-term care.
Peter also led an informative session on using social media to recruit staff and our members were quick to comment, "We wish his presentation was longer!"
Peter brought great energy to the event, and we look forward to having him back next year."
"When describing what mentors I'd like to have, Peter from Strategic Pete is actually my answer. Mindset-wise, Knowhow-wise, Attitude-wise, Experience-wise, sessions with Strategic Pete are always "legendary". He knows his stuff, doesn't hesitate to challenge you and definitely adds value to your "equations", by either contributing directly or helping you shape your understanding around the topic of interest! Thanks Strategic Pete"
"Peter is simply awesome! Not only did he bring a pack of handy resources to our sessions, but he was also always willing to go above and beyond to help me with the current problems in our company. With his guidance, I was able to gain clarity and develop a roadmap to achieve my goals. Peter is a phenomenal mentor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their career to the next level. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with him again to continue learning and challenging myself."
jd ecomstyle

Juan Diego Blanco Dufau

Chief Operating Officer at Ecom Style
"A very helpful call. They made me expand my beliefs a lot when it comes to money. In a sense "it's as difficult to create a small grocery store as it is to create eBay...". they made me realize that if I aim for $3-$10m per year I will be looking for that market instead of a $300k market... - I need to re-read "The magic of thinking big..."
"Absolutely amazing - one of the best calls I've had... Peter got my issues before I'd even relayed everything and suggested some out of the box ideas I'd not considered at all. Can't recommend highly enough."
Dave Bell
Max Fram-Schwartz
Founder / CEO Vesternet
"CRAZIEST person I have ever met! Go to him if you need help with Marketing, sales, and mindset. Got the opportunity to meet with such a fantastic person."
CEO / Founder of startuphq
"Peter is the ultimate growth hacker. He gave me some of the most tactical yet non-obvious advice I've received on GM. You can tell he is deep in the weeds with his own experimentation on a daily basis. He clearly knows the latest tactics of what's working TODAY. He challenged how I was thinking about our GTM strategy while suggesting a different strategy he thought would be much more successful (which I'm excited to experiment with). I'll definitely be booking another session
"Strategic Pete is amazing! They are very enthusiastic to help out and gave very good advice on growth hacking my initial user base. Would highly recommend them!"
"Strategic Pete is amazing! Peter was surgically right on my pain, and brought some great practical ideas. He gave me pieces of advice I haven't heard from any other sources before, and it was refreshing hearing this new point of view."
Isabela Maciel
Isabel Maciel
Marketing Coordinator at Cortes Network
"Peter from Strategic Pete, is an excellent sounding board with a wealth of experience, ready with astute and honest advice. It was so helpful to have a rational external perspective to sort and prioritise the various tasks vying for my time and attention. Strategic Pete really helped to cut through the noise, and figure out how to address the key sticking points hampering growth."
"Great out-of-the-box talk with an actual entrepreneur who has created products in relatively saturated markets and went all-in on the niche they were serving. Loved this talk, it shook my traditional beliefs on marketing and reset it to what actually matters, what is your customer getting out of it, focus on him and place him central in everything. Highly recommended!"
"Peter is one of the gems on Strategic Pete, that I have now consistently scheduled multiple calls with. Every call with him, I learn something new or get inspired by new ideas. What sets him apart from other mentors is that they offer concrete, tangible advice for startup founders on how to build a market and what tasks to prioritize on a bootstrapped budget. There's incredible value in speaking with someone who has personally gone through the motions of bring a business from a vague idea to reality as an owner. I highly recommend startup founders talk to them"

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